In 1990, two brothers – both Franklin County natives – started their own farm, providing quality natural produce to local stores and markets. With a keen eye for business, they saw consumers in the area left with a need for fresh, high quality juices. They jumped at the opportunity and started their cider house in 1994.

The small batches of cider from local apples were a hit! Their business flourished, and inspired by the cider’s success, the brothers expanded to lemonade –which was also a success.

Today, they run two farm operations with the help of their children and plan to expand as their families grow.

The founders believe that the connection between them and the end consumer is very important. With their roots grounded  in their experience from the farm they grew up on, they are veteran farmers who know the importance of a high quality product. They are passionate about providing great, fresh cider and lemonade to you.